Biotech –

  1. Prepared a white paper on the current biomarker market and emerging opportunities based on insights from key opinion leaders (KOLs) about successful new biomarker development and associated risks. Summarized the potential for their cancer-monitoring product.
  1. Helped a start-up address the likelihood of adoption of a wearable wireless device for inpatient use by hospitals. Conducted interviews of more than 25 KOLs in healthcare, information technology, industry and academia to compile a general overview of opinions and to assess current market trends.
  1. Developed a value proposition model and pricing strategy for the clients’ technology. Undertook a focused analysis of the markets through secondary research that segmented by key features such as geographic region, size, and value. Interviewed users and KOLs to assess the cost structure and “pain points” for typical customers.
  1. Analyzed the market and customer needs for a wearable device being developed by a San Diego based start-up. Interviewed potential customers, healthcare providers and KOLs from weight loss companies and corporate wellness programs to generate actionable recommendations for the client. Presented an overview of the marketing and pricing strategies that would allow for capture of the largest market segment. The client invited us to continue for another project.
  1. Prepared a white paper and a short presentation for a biotech startup. Analyzed competing technologies in different stages of development and summarized the current nanotechnology and energy-triggered drug delivery market. Compiled a list of potential partners for future collaborations that included new markets of entry.
  1. Performed in depth feasibility studies for the client. Provided an actionable plan for how and what measurements could be acquired using the client’s technology based on specific parameters. Final deliverable was a summary report and presentation for the company’s executive team.
  1. Developed a focus group survey to assess unmet need, price sensitivity and customer preferences for a new wearable device. Collaborated with physicians at the Scripps Whittier Diabetes Institute to draft the survey and to file paper work. Filed and got regulatory paperwork to an institutional review board approved. Final deliverable was a presentation for the client. The client strongly recommended our services to other companies and incubators.
  1. Worked with a startup that is developing biologics for the treatment of nervous system disorders. We identified viable, cost-effective methods of therapeutic delivery for glaucoma that can be harnessed by the company for its biologic either directly or through partnerships. We also did historic market analysis of companies in the niche space of spinal cord injury to correlate therapeutic efficiency with business evaluations. The competitive landscape and financial space of this market was exhaustively covered through detailed business evaluations, SEC filings and investor information. A final presentation was made to the CEO and the COO. Invited to continue for another project.
  1. Helped a precision therapeutics based start-up with analysis on the market growth, sizing and segmentation in the US. A thorough competitive landscape analysis with respect to business model and pricing was conducted. Based on these findings, a recommendation on the appropriate markets to target was provided.
  1. Worked with a biotech start-up looking to file an Investigational New Drug Application (IND) for their drug by designing a comprehensive roadmap that prioritizes their experimental goals for the next 6-8 years. We helped them identify key regulatory documents, experimental and clinical milestones that were relevant to their specific drug candidate. We crafted a white paper on an IND application and it’s various regulatory aspects: International Council for Harmonisation guidelines for pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics studies, toxicology, chemistry manufacturing and control, etc. and the planning and organization of clinical trials.
  1. Provided grantsmanship services to a biotech start-up looking to apply for funding from the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke under the Cooperative research to enable and advance translational enterprises for biotechnology products and biologics Along with this, we also focused on other federal grants for small businesses such as the IGNITE series. We worked closely with the COO and CEO to develop these grant applications.

Non-Biotech –

  1. Prioritized market entry opportunities for a software firm. Analyzed market size, competitor landscape and regulatory barriers for potential new markets. Presented recommendations on market entry opportunities to client’s executive officers.
  1. Conducted research on California policy and regulatory bodies in the electricity and utility sector for a startup company. Accumulated research findings into a final report and presentation for the company’s executive team.
  1. Conducted product testing for a mobile app technology. Performed competitor analysis, KOL interviews and survey of beta testers in order to offer insights for product launch.
  1. Evaluated the academic market for implementation of an online marketplace. Interviewed KOLs in order to assess customer interest and to identify the best implementation strategy. Developed a comprehensive written report that evaluated potential avenues for equipment sharing, serving provisions and equipment outsourcing at UC San Diego.
  1. Collaborated with the University of California San Diego (UCSD) Jacobs School of Engineering Corporate Affiliates Program and the University Industry Demonstration Partnership (UIDP) to develop a quantifiable set of metrics for a successful university-industry relationship. Conducted more than 30 interviews to generate metrics specifically tailored to both partners, with a particular focus on the technology sector. Findings were presented at the fall 2015 UIDP meeting in Nashville, TN.
  1. Assembled a team of UCSD undergraduate developers to make a multi-platform mobile app for the “Transforming Medicine: Evidence-Driven mHealth” conference hosted by the Scripps Translational Science Institute in fall 2015. Developed new business ventures through UCSD and with the surrounding business community.
  1. Managed a team of UCSD business undergraduates to develop a business plan for bottling the popular creamy balsamic dressing made by a new restaurant/cafe. Drafted a survey for better understanding restaurant patron preferences with the expectation to do a taste test survey of students on campus. Engaged with the International Rescue Committee in San Diego to work with new immigrants trained in food preparation through their pilot Chop Program. A summary report and presentation were delivered to the restaurant owners.
  1. Worked with a startup that uses crowdsourcing as part of a customer loyalty program to underwrite small business lines of credit. The team investigated the market by interviewing over 50 small business owners throughout San Diego to assess how they acquired lines of credit or if they utilized any loyalty programs. The insights were used to assess unmet need for market entry and positioning. A summary report and presentation were delivered to the company’s executives. The client retained us to continue on for another project.